Rede TT-> INOVA está na plataforma de Match Making da OMPI

Ibero American Technology Transfer Network for Competitive Technology Innovation – Rede TT->Inova

A transnational network of technology transfer to promote increased competitiveness of micro and small companies related to innovation environments of the 8 participating countries, through sharing and improvement of models and technology transfer practices.
Proposition transnational platform of technology transfer.


-Disseminate the Network and the actions to be performed by it;
-Map demands scenarios and technology offerings and identify its bottlenecks;
-Make transnational rounds to diffusion models and technology transfer practices, enabling the conduct of business and the interaction between companies and actors of innovation ecosystems;

What do I need?

Benefits and rebound set to target countries indicating (the) user (s) end (s):

-Knowledge and access to adequate proposals for technology transfer legal frameworks in the various countries to internationalization
-Improvement in the trade balance of high and medium high-tech;
-Decreased mortality rate of businesses, increasing income and jobs;
-Increase of available technologies to improve the living conditions of the population;
-Increased interaction of the local innovation ecosystem with international integration;
-Increased viability of possibilities for technological solutions with international potential.

Who we wish to partner with?

The TT- Network> INOVA just acts in the business bottleneck of Latin American countries is the export of products of high and medium high-tech and their consequent socio-economic impacts.
Thus it is expected that when the support of the CYTED this proposal Finally, the TT- Network> INOVA will continue to exist, given that the need for businesses Technology transfer is a constant market demand, but enhanced by the vision, practices and transnational network implementadas.As knowledge fruitful partnerships resulting from the Match Making should continue, given the interest of the companies involved.



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